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Welcome to Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue

Introduction to the Rescue


Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue and Rehabilitation is a foster-based rescue organization located in Winnipeg Manitoba.

We are committed to helping rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need of care.  Dogs come to us through rescue or retirement from dog farming, back yard breeding operations,  owner surrenders, the international dog meat trade industry and other situations where dogs may be at risk. 


Our rescue is founded on some basic principles:  kindness, respect, and non-oppressive practice.  Kindness to all living creatures great and small, respect for one another, those we care for and the world around us and ensuring we take a non-oppressive approach in our care of the dogs we are entrusted with in our rescue.  

We do not have a shelter but support our dogs through a network of foster homes. 

Cupcakes is a not for profit rescue group registered with the Province of Manitoba.   Cupcakes operates solely through volunteers,  financial donations, various fundraising efforts and through the sale of items created through Cupcakes Creations.  

Dog Highlights 

Beejay is an awesome super sweet boy who loves to cuddle, gets along great with other dogs and just needs someone who will love him.   
Hoo is a gentle timid adult dog who is looking for a forever home that would love to help her as she continues learn to love the most amazing life she is living.  She is so incredible and her love and loyalty is something you will always cherish!   Just give her the chance and see her blossom! 
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Visit our blog here and read about that which is dear to our hearts.  
Learn more on the events page about the Santa Pet Photos on November 30th!