Last Updated: January 24, 2022

Date of Arrival: January 10, 2022

Date of Birth: October 12, 2014

Breed: Daschund

Size: Small - 5.6 kg

Gender: Male

Adoption Status: Available for Adoption

Personality: Hal (short for Jalapeno) is a sweet little dog but he has some special needs. When his needs are not attended to, he can react poorly. He does not do well if touched when asleep and has a strong startle response. He needs to be awoken with sound first before touch. He also is not keen on being picked up by strangers and needs time to warm up. Hal is not suited to a home with young children. Keeping these needs in mind and ensuring they are attended to, Hal needs a loving home that understands and can address his needs and a comfy bed, gentle cuddles and of course treats!

His foster parent reports that Hal loves being with people and loves his walks but is not very cold tolerant. Hal is described as a total lap dog!

House training/Pee Pad Training: Hall is fully trained

Walks/leash training: Hal is leash trained

Children: Hal has not done well with children. There was a bite incident with a young child. As a result we are seeking a home with only dog savy children over the age of 12 years or ideally an adults only as primary residents.

Dogs, Cats and Other Friends: Hal gets along with other dogs and can peacefully co-exist. Hal can be a "pesky little brother" and requires dog siblings that are patient when he wants to play and be a bug.

Best Home Environment: Hal will do best in a home that understands Hals needs and his boundaries so that he can feel safe and adored. He is outdoor trained and would do best with a home that has a secure fenced yard.

Health: Hal is in good health. His next vaccines are due in October 2022 and he should be assessed for potential dental cleaning at that time.

History: Hal was surrendered to our rescue by an owner in October 2021. He was adopted in November but recently there was an incident with the child in the home. The child is young and did not understand boundaries and unfortunately there was a bite. This led to the child being very afraid of Hal, previously known as Copper. Hal is doing well in his foster home and we are confident if placed in a home that understands his needs, he will be a fantastic dog companion.

Adoption Fee: Hal's adoption fee is $400.00

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