Missy Grace

Last Updated: January 23, 2022

Date of Arrival: December 11, 2021

Age: D.O.B. Dec 6, 2011

Breed: Pomeranian

Size: approx 5 lbs

Gender: Female

Adoption Status: Adoption In Process

Personality: Missy Grace has arrived in rescue and has an adoption pending as soon as she completes medical care (spay surgery pending). She is a shy little lady but oh so smart and absolutely loves cuddles and attention. She is not quick to give you a pommy smile (her face is so serious!) but oh her little tail and sometimes entire body just wiggle with happy. She loves nothing more than to be near her foster mom and carried around and cuddled all day every day!

Walks/leash training: Missy has no experience with the leash and we are starting the process to desensitize her to the leash and help her feel comfortable with it. She is doing well with the harness now and won't freeze up when it is put on but she does not appreciate the leash yet. We can envision lots of long stroller walks with her in summer.

Children: Missy has no experience with children. We anticipate she will be great with kids who leave her alone - she will leave them alone. She is most interested in her humans holding her than in play with kids.

Yes i am modelling cupcakes creations - i believe i would be a great fashion model!

Dogs, Cats and Other Friends: Missy is great with the other dog in the home and slowly they are beginning to learn play and they are doing great with running side by side, doing lots of sweet sniffs and nose boops and sharing a couch and bed! Missy looks to her doggie foster sister and follows her lead and is learning from her.

House/Pee Pad Training: Missy has done very well following the lead of her doggie companion and uses the out doors for 95% of her business. She won't ask to go out but relies on you to take her out every 2-3 hours during the day for short pee breaks. She sleeps well at night and without accidents for up to 10 hours! But, when she gets up in the morning - straight outside is a must!

Best Home Environment: Missy Grace will be well suited to a home with another dog where she can model behaviour and a home that is calm and relaxed where she can spend her retirement years. She is not keen on alot of noise and activity. She is not comfie with new people and requires patience and time to bond. But oh she does bond!

Health: Missy is in overall excellent health. Her veterinarian said she had amongst the very best knees and hips she had ever seen in a small pom! Missy is getting regular ear cleanings and being treated for ear infections at the moment. She has completed her vaccines and deworming, blood work and urinalysis. All were unremarkable which is awesome! She will have her spay in March after which she will be officially adopted.

History: Missy is an owner/breeder surrender.

Adoption Fee: When she is ready for adoption, her fee will be $200.00

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