Last Updated: November 29, 2020

Date of Arrival: November 13, 2020

Breed: Daschund/Jack Russel Terrier X

Gender: Female

Age: 1 yr old

Size: Small - approx 10 lbs

Adoption Status: We are accepting applications for Kola

I am having fun exploring my new foster home. I love the little dog in the house and playing!

Ideal Home: Kola is a sweet active young dog who loves going for runs. She is a high energy dog suited to adopters with an active life style. She prefers to be the only dog in the home but if there is another dog, it will need to be a calm energy dog that is non reactive. Kola does not always make great first impressions but given a wee bit of a chance, she will steal your heart for sure!

Personality: Kola is super sweet, friendly and loves to cuddle. She loves cuddling up with her foster mom and playing in the yard. She is really a sweet dog who is a real "people dog". She is always making her foster parents laugh and is loads of fun and would love a home where people can enjoy laughter and play with her.

Dogs/Cats: Kola loves playing with her foster dog brother but she also can get in his face and is not always very nice to other dogs. She is leash reactive with other dogs. With training it is likely this can be addressed but we would prefer a home with no other dogs as this is best suited to Kola's temperament. When our community restrictions are eased, attending obedience classes and some training daycare opportunities would be great for this little sweetheart.

Children: Kola apparently gets along well with kids and has no history of any sort of aggressive behaviour with humans or animals of any age. We will be assessing further.

Walks/Stairs: Kola has no difficulty with walks, reportedly loved running on long runs and walks and is leash trained.

Yard/House Needs: Kola is very active and loves to go in the back yard and race about. A fenced secure yard where she can do so safely will be important to ensuring she gets the high level of activity she requires.

Travel: Kola did very well in her car ride. We will be assessing further.

Health Status: Kola appears to be healthy but we will be doing a health assessment for her. She is not spayed and will be shortly. She will not be ready for adoption until she has cleared all health requirements.

History: Kola's owners reached out to us and surrendered her to us as they were unable to meet her exercise needs as they had recent surgery and had limitations brought on by aging.

Adoption Fee: When Kola is ready for adoption, her fee will be $400

To adopt any of our dogs in rescue, please download the application (available in word and PDF formats on this website) complete and submit as noted on the application. Thank you for considering opening your heart and home to a Cupcakes Dog.


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