Date of Most Recent Update: January 17, 2021

Breed: Pomeranian

Gender: Male

Age: Born January 1, 2009

Size: Small, approx 10 lbs

Adoption Status: Skye has an approved adopter and is in process of being adopted.

Personality: We are just getting to know Skye but our first impressions: what a good boy! We will update more as we get to know him.

Dogs/Cats: He is in a foster home with other small dogs (all females) and doing well

Children: He is in a foster home with a very dog savy and well supervised toddler and there are no concerns.

Walks/Stairs: To be assessed

Yard/House Needs: To be assessed

Travel: Skye did well on a longer car ride in a kennel. We will get to know him more and provide information as we learn more about him.

Health Status: Skye has completed all medical and is a clinically healthy dog ready for adoption!

History: Skye has been retired from breeding and was surrendered by his owner/breeder.

Adoption Fee: When ready for adoption, Skye's adoption fee will be $300

To adopt, please download the application (available in word and PDF formats on this website) complete and submit as noted on the application. Thank you for considering opening your heart and home to a Cupcakes Dog.


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