Last Updated: March 9th, 2022

Date of Arrival: October 14, 2021

Age: Approx. 4 years old

Breed: Poodle/spaniel X

Size: Approx. 20 lbs

Gender: Male

Adoption Status: Elliot is available for adoption

Personality: Elliot is a handsome little guy. He loves cuddles and praise and hanging out close to his human. He likes to play fetch with his ball but will happily chill nearby if you're busy. Elliot has learned in the past that to get what he wants when he wants how he wants and to survive whatever situation he was in by growling, snapping and reacting poorly were his primary forms of communication. His trust was poor. He will use his bite.

He moved to a very special foster home on November 9th. His new foster is very experienced in working and training dogs including reactive dogs. She is using the muzzle not as a punishment but as just a comfortable piece of keeping Elliot and others safe. Elliot has show he is a super smart little guy - stubborn for sure and has not entirely stopped his bite and growl behaviours but he is learning and oh he does love the positive reinforcement of praise and pats and treats too!

He is learning strong obedience skills and catches on quickly but he will still revert back to less positive behaviours when he is not interested in boundaries or expectations. But slowly this is improving and we are seeing such beautiful amazing changes in him!

We believe he can live a very fulfilled life and bring much happiness to the humans who love him but Elliot absolutely needs a STRONG LEADER at home.

House training/Pee Pad Training: Elliot is doing well with outdoor visits for his bathroom business

Walks/leash training: Elliot was changed from a harness to a collar and leash as he learns to follow not lead and trust his foster to keep him safe and be his lead. His walking habits and having his human be his lead has made a huge difference! He feels her calm confidence through the leash and collar and it makes a world of difference. He sits and waits to be invited to come, to exit his kennel, go out an open door... such a big difference for this little man! She has even been able to drop the leash and he remains walking just a wee step behind and beside his foster mom!

Children: We will absolutely not consider a home with children for Elliot

Video: Elliot meeting the resident feline in his former foster home.

Dogs, Cats and Other Friends: Elliot was in a home with other dogs and cats for a short period of time and he did great with the cats but was overly affectionate to the females who were not thrilled by him and his amorous intentions. He handled it well though he kept on trying!

Best Home Environment: Elliot requires an adult-only home with experienced dog owners who are committed to participating in training as needed to continue to reinforce the success he is gaining. A suitable applicant will listen and learn from Elliot's expert foster parent who has worked very hard to bring him to where he is now. We have seen any lapse in the consistency can result in Elliot reverting to his known way of meeting his needs through bite. His owners will need to ensure they are confident in being able to be consistent with the training and understand for Elliot, it will be life long. Elliot's people will need to understand he will always be a bite risk and the measures taken through training, muzzle use and consistency are the only way to keep Elliot safe and avoid bite if he has a poor reaction. His foster mom has been using an e-collar with Elliot and describes it as a "game changer" in the way they communicate (Elliot does not see it as a punishment). Elliot's foster parent is committed to preparing applicants for a positive meet and greet and helping prepare them for the wonderful dog that Elliot is.

A note from his foster mom: "This boy needs a home, but not just any home. He will not do well in a “soft” home where he is felt sorry for, or where allowing him to break the rules is seen as something good - “Well, the rules are so strict, he deserves to break them.” Nope. As soon as that’s his mindset, you will have an extremely aggressive dog on your hands. I do not use those words lightly. He needs a home with structure, rules, consequences when he breaks the rules, and rewards when he follows them. He will thrive in that kind of environment."

Health: Elliot has had his neuter and vaccines and health check and is a clinically healthy dog.

History: Elliot was a stray who found his way to Winnipeg Animal Services. He did not do well in the shelter environment and would bite on his leash when he had to come back inside after being out for a walk. He loved cuddles but only on his terms and for as long as he wanted and no longer. It was determined he would need the time in foster care to help him find his trust and confidence and grow his positive attributes. We thank Winnipeg Animal Services for entrusting Elliot to our care.

Adoption Fee: When Elliot is ready for adoption, his adoption fee will be $200.00

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