Gandalf and Sam

Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Date of Arrival: May 3rd, 2022

Age: Gandalf: 7 yrs old

Sam: 8 yrs old

Breed: Gandalf: German Shepherd

Sam: Chihuahua/Dachshund X

Size: Gandalf: 113 lbs

Sam: 10 lbs

Gender: Both are male

Adoption Status: Available for adoption

Personality: What an awesome little family these two are! They both have super sweet temperaments and you can tell they have known love in their lives.

Sam (the little guy) loves his toys and Gandalf (the big boy) loves watching over Sam.

Gandalf is a gentle giant who thinks he is a lap dog like Sam! He never barks at anything or anyone. Sam is a typical little guy with somewhat of a "little dog, big personality" quirk. Sam can sometimes be sassy with other dogs, though his fosters report that he is easily held back.

Both love their cuddles and Sam is quite enamoured with belly rubs!

They are both very loving dogs and are really attached to their people. hey love to wait by the door everyday for their people to come home where they give them very happy and loving welcome greetings.

These two are inseparable. When Gandalf was having surgery, Sam was a tad upset but the reunion - oh it was joyous! They love their walks each day and Sam loves playing chase - you could throw the ball for him all day! Gandalf will run for a bit too, and has excellent energy for his more senior years. The gentle exercise is great for preventing the stiffness associated with mild arthritis.

House training/Pee Pad Training: They are both housetrained

Walks/leash training: Gandalf is a perfect gentleman on a leash. Sam will sometimes pull and bark at other dogs, though his fosters report he is easy to hold back.

Dogs, Cats and Other Friends: They are best friends together. Gandalf is great with everyone and everything. Sometimes little Sam is sassy with other dogs. Because Sam can be sassy with small animals, we would suggest that they would be best in a household without cats.

Best Home Environment: These boys are very bonded and will be adopted together. Gandalf can do stairs but is quite slow with them so ideally the boys will have a home with few stairs. They need a home where their human(s) will take them for loads of walks and play ball with them and give them tons of cuddles. Sam has noted he requires at least 1000 belly rubs a day, and for the ball to be thrown for him at least 2000 times day. Gandalf's requirement is to be loved and hang with his little buddy Sam. Seems reasonable to us!

Health: Both dogs are in good health. They have been fully vetted and Gandalf has had dental surgery. They are neutered and up to date on their vaccines. Sam has some patchy hair loss and the vet has recommended an over the counter melatonin for hair regrowth. Gandalf has a lipoma (fatty tissue lump) that should be monitored but no intervention is required. He also has mild arthritis. As they are both getting older, giving them glucosamine treats and supplementing their food with some fish oil will help support good joint health.

History: Sam and Gandalf came to us from Winnipeg Animal Services where they found themselves after their owner became ill and was no longer able to care for them. They were very loved.

Adoption Fee: $400 for the two dogs

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