Last Updated: February 13, 2021

Date of Intake: February 17, 2021

Breed: Terrier X

Age: Approx. 2 yrs

Gender: Female

Size: Approx 20 lbs

Greta's Perfect Forever Home: We are still assessing but we believe Greta will do best in a calm home with experienced owners and where there is a secure yard for play and a calm relaxed dog who would like to play gently with Greta.

Personality: Greta was very afraid initially and spent the first few days in a room staying away from the other dogs and human in the foster home. However when the human came in the room her tail was always going and she was happy for cuddles.

Giving Greta time and space she slowly ventured out and visited the other dogs who are experienced dogs when it comes to meeting new fosters and helping them settle in and find their confidence and security. She is now, after only 5 days, starting to play and her happy tail is always going! She loves loves loves!! all the soft beds in the home.

House/Pee Pad Training: Greta is learning quickly and doing so well

Other dogs/cats: Greta is doing very well with the experienced calm dogs in her foster home who are helping her come out of her shell. She is happy and gently playful with them. She has not been introduced to cats or small animals but we wonder if she might have a strong prey drive given her history.

Children: Greta has not been introduced to children yet however we would be concerned how she would react to loud/active children and a busy household. She seems to need the calm and quiet right now and we will see over time how she might do in more active settings.

Right now we would say no kids under 12 however this may change in time.

Leash/walk training: Greta is not leash trained yet. She will need to learn harness walks and as she builds trust her foster will work with her on this.

Condo/House Living: Greta is not a barking dog (yet) however she does seem to flourish when she has opportunity to run free in a secure yard. As she has a history as a stray/free roaming dog we would not recommend she be off leash or in an unsecured yard as we are not confident her recall would be strong enough to return her to her human or she might not flee if frightened. Thus a home with a secure yard is our best recommendation for Greta.


Greta came to us from Winnipeg Animal Services. She was brought to Winnipeg Animal Services through their Northern Dog Program. She was a stray/free roaming dog in northern Manitoba. Greta did not do well at WAS shelter and was extremely fearful and reacted poorly to the setting. Thus they felt she would do better in a foster home and have entrusted her to the care of our rescue.

Adoption Fee: When Greta is ready for adoption, her adoption fee will be $400.00


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