Last Updated: September 16, 2022

Date of Arrival: July 1, 2022

Age: 9 yrs

Breed: Pomeranian

Size: Approx. 10-11 lbs but would benefit from a little bit of weight gain

Gender: Male

Adoption Status: We are not accepting applications or responding to any queries regarding Hopper at this time. He is just about to start undergoing heartworm treatment which will take several months to complete.

Welcome Hopper, one of our "Stranger Things" Crew to Cupcakes Rescue!

Personality: This little man is about as sweet as any dog can be! He absolutely loves his fosters and seeks them out. He is smart too, and can find his humans almost anywhere. This is particularly remarkable as we think Hopper may be blind or, at the very leasy, seriously limited in his vision.

Hopper is a dog that loves to be babied. He does not like being alone and relies on his humans to snuggle him, be with him and keep him safe. If he were carried in a snuggle sack he would be quite happy and we believe rides in a stroller would be his speed! He loves to sleep with humans but needs a safe "nest" on the bed to prevent him from falling off the bed as he cannot tell where the bed ends. A fully fenced yard so he can wanter about is ideal as he loves wandering and sniffing as long as his humans are nearby! A home where baby gates are used to prevent him from falling down steps is a must. One thing we find really surprising is that he does not startle when he is touched, even though we don't think he can see the hand coming in for a snuggle.

House training/Pee Pad Training: Hopper is NOT housetrained yet and does mark.

Walks/leash training: Hopper is not a dog suited to going on leash walks. He loves wandering in a secure yard and we think he would enjoy stroller rides or to be carried in a snuggle sack on walks.

Children: Hopper seems quite frail and would not do well with younger children.

Dogs, Cats and Other Friends: Hopper is doing well with other dogs in the house. He is quite taken by the lady dogs of the house and loves to have a few sniffs. He has had no reaction to the resident cat.

Best Home Environment: To be assessed

Health: Hopper has been to his first vet visit and we've had a chance to learn a little bit about what his medical journey will look like. First up, he has a bladder infection and has started treatment. He also has some pain in his back, the cause of which cannot be confirmed and will need follow up if it remains post infection treatment. Third, his prostate is slightly enlarged which is common in older dogs that are not neutered. This should resolve with neuter surgery. The good news is he has no evidence of a heart murmur ... but we have learned that Hopper is heartworm positive and will need ongoing treatment. We also believe he is blind. UPDATE: He is just about to start undergoing heartworm treatment, which will take several months to complete. He will not be available for adoption until his treatment is completed.

History: Hopper is a Manitoba breeder surrender. We are grateful that we have been entrusted with his care.

Adoption Fee: To be determined once he is ready for adoption. Our general fees are: $450 for puppies, $400 for adults, $200-$300 for senior adults.

Please download our application and follow instructions to apply for any of our dogs in care. Please note we do not accept or process any applications until a dog is ready for adoption. Please do not submit applications until such as time as we indicate we are ready to consider applicants.

Due to the high volume of interest in our cupcakes dogs, we regretfully cannot provide personalized responses to applicants at this time. We also are not maintaining any adoptions waitlists. Please visit our FB page where we will update everyone on how our dogs are doing as often as possible. Thank you for your understanding