Last Updated: September 30, 2022

Date of Arrival: July 21, 2022

Age: Born January 14, 2015

Breed: Bichon X

Size: Approx. 12lbs

Gender: Female

Adoption Status: On medical hold

Personality: Pepsi is a very sweet little gal who is starting to learn that being pet is great and so are toys! She loves her foster dog brother and is learning so much from him. She can be stand offish with new people and will not allow pets or cuddles but is making progress and will accept treats from new people!

Pepsi recently had a week "holiday" while her foster was away and went to another home. It was a huge test for her and she did brilliantly! She learned how to go up stairs (down not so much) and can do the stairs from deck to back yard both directions! She loved sleeping with the other dogs and her doggie sitter foster. She allowed pets and cuddles and even some grooming which is huge fantastic progress!

House training/Pee Pad Training: Pepsi is 90-95% housetrained now with almost no accidents at all anymore. Way to go, Pepsi!

Walks/leash training: Pepsi is described as being "a joy to walk" and especially loves walking with her foster brother.

Children: Pepsi prefers a home with older, dog savvy children (8 and up)

Dogs, Cats and Other Friends: Pepsi loves her foster brother and would love a home with another doggie companion.

Best Home Environment: Pepsi is very sweet but a little bit shy. She does not like to be picked up or cornered and startles easily. She will do her best in a calm and laid back home. Pepsi would love a backyard to romp around in - she loves it outside but also has no problem coming inside when it's time!

Pepsi gets anxious when left alone so she'll do best in a home where her people are often home or with some fur siblings. If she's left along for too long she can "get into things" so her forever home will need to be sure to watch out for this. Her foster family likes to leave her with fun chewy treats to keep her busy and that seems to do the trick!

Health: Pepsi had her first vet visit and it did not all quite go as planned. After her blood was drawn she did not stop bleeding/did not clot as expected and bruised quite badly. She has been found to have extremely high blood pressure which is suspected as being the cause of the bleeding issue. Extensive testing has been done with no other issues identified. She has just started blood pressure medicine and we will be monitoring and retesting to get the right dosage and get that under control. Then a new clotting test will be done to determine if her difficulty with clotting is resolved. Once it is resolved, she will still need to have her spay before we look at having her adopted to her perfect forever home. Pepsi will be in rescue for awhile as we work through helping her get to be a clinically healthy dog!

History: Pepsi is a breeder surrender

Adoption Fee: Pepsi's adoption fee will be $400.

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