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Maia Mae

Last Updated: February 26, 2023

Date of Arrival: February 11, 2023

Age: 5 yrs old (Birthday May 10, 2018)

Breed: Shih Tzu

Size: Approx. 12 lbs

Gender: Female

Adoption Status: We are accepting applications, however Maia Mae can not be adopted until she completes her vetting

Personality: Maia Mae is a sweetheart! She loves touch, will come up to you and put her paws on your leg for attention and is agreeable to bathing and cuddles! Heads up, this beauty is a bit of a noisy sleeper, haha.

House training/Pee Pad Training: Maia Mae is just starting to learn but is already using the pee pad and has done business outdoors too! We hope she'll enjoy going outside more as it warms up.

Walks/leash training: It is a bit too soon to start leash and walk training but we feel she will adapt to this well ... we are thinking that in the mean time, she would probably love going for walks if she was carried in a snuggle sack or pushed in a little strollie.

Children: We have not assessed but we expect with her sweet disposition, she will do well with older, dog-savvy children, who are not wanting to roughhouse with her. Maia Mae has some vision loss, and we suspect that she might startle or frighten if approached too quickly or roughly.

Dogs, Cats and Other Friends: Maia Mae leaves the house kitties alone. She gets along with the other dogs in the home but has really no interest in engaging at this point. She is much more taken with humans. We would like her to have a calm confident doggie friend who can teach her about being a dog and enjoying gentle play.

Best Home Environment: Maia Mae has a bit of a bark, especially at night. She settled well once her fosters took her into their bed! We would prefer she have a home that does not have shared hallways or walls so neighbours do not complain if she barks at night. We would prefer she have a home with a securely fenced yard so she can enjoy free roam (with human supervision) and just relax in the sunshine with complete safety.

Health: Maia Mae will need full assessment which will include updating any vaccines as required, spay, deworming, and an eye assessment. She only has one eye and we want to ensure it remains healthy, and that her other eye socket is in good health. She will also get a full groom as soon as she is ready. We are excited to see her pretty little face after a bit of a hairdo!

History: Maia Mae is an owner-breeder surrender. We are so thankful that this owner retired Maia Mae to our rescue to find a great forever home!

Adoption Fee: When Maia Mae is ready for adoption (after completing health assessment and care including spay surgery), her adoption fee will be $450.00

Please download our application and follow instructions to apply for any of our dogs in care. Please note we do not accept or process any applications until a dog is ready for adoption. Please do not submit applications until such as time as we indicate we are ready to consider applicants.

Due to the high volume of interest in our cupcakes dogs, we regretfully cannot provide personalized responses to applicants at this time. We also are not maintaining any adoptions waitlists. Please visit our FB page where we will update everyone on how our dogs are doing as often as possible. Thank you for your understanding.


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