Last Updated: October 28, 2020

Date of Arrival: October 26, 2020

Breed: Russian Caucasian Shepard/Golden Retriever X

Age: 2.5 yrs old

Gender: Male

Weight/Size: Approximately 100 lbs

Adoption status: New Intake not ready for adoption

Personality: Merlin is new to rescue but is presenting as a beautiful gentle giant who is pretty timid right now. His personality is very gentle and kind.

Walks/Stairs/Leash Training: Merlin is new to the leash and has no experience we believe with leash walks. He is doing well and learning but will need to train in this area. Stairs are not an issue for him.

Dogs/Cats: Merlin is very good with the tiny poms and mid size dog in his foster home. He is gentle and likes to give tongue wash to the tiniest little girl. The little pom ladies love Merlin! Merlin ignores the cat in the house.

Children: Merlin was previously with a family with small children and appears to have been very gentle with the small kids. His current foster home has teenage boys and he is good with them.

House/Condo: Merlin needs a secure fenced yard where he can roam the yard and lots of walks. At this point we do not know the level of flight risk and whether an unfenced rural property would be ok for him. He does appear to have good recall and comes when you whistle and call his name.

Health: Merlin has never had any vaccinations nor veterinary care. He will be undergoing full health assessment, vaccinations and neuter surgery prior to being ready for adoption

When Merlin is ready for adoption, his fee will be $400.00.

To adopt Merlin or any of our adoptable dogs, please complete the application available for dowload. The application includes all information on how to submit.


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