Last Updated: July 26, 2022

Date of Arrival: July 5, 2022

Age: Born September 2020

Breed: Pomeranian

Size: Approx. 18-20 lbs

Gender: Male

Adoption Status: Available for Adoption

Personality: Oscar is a super sweet loving dog. He is pretty chill but can be a bit protective when new people come into home and takes a few minutes to calm and settle. He will definitely benefit from a dog friend in the home and calm, confident, training-oriented adopters who can give him all the opportunities to learn, be included in their lives, play and snuggle, and have a well rounded doggie life.

House training/Pee Pad Training: Oscar is still working on outdoor training. He benefits from frequently being taken out to help prevent accidents.

Walks/leash training: Oscar likes to walk at a fairly fast pace to burn his energy. He loves walks and needs at least a couple each day (or more) to keep him healthy and happy.

Children: Oscar has mostly been ok with kids but he has snapped at a child once. Thus, we are saying he would not be good in a home with children under 13 and any children in the home must be dog savvy. A lot of fast activity and noise is not Oscar's thing.

Dogs, Cats and Other Friends: Oscar is in a foster home with our high energy Frodo. He and Frodo can race and play hard. Oscar would do well with a calmer confident but active dog to be his best play mate.

Best Home Environment: Oscar needs a home with an active owner who will enjoy training/learning activities with Oscar. An owner who loves going for faster paced walks with their dog would be ideal for Oscar! A secure fenced yard is a must for Oscar so he can run and burn off energy and play with a doggie friend.

Health: Oscar is a clinically healthy dog. He has had his neuter surgery, is up to date on vaccines and has had full health assessment.

History: Oscar was surrendered when his human mom relocated to another country and was unable to bring him along. The extended family were unable to keep him.

Adoption Fee: Oscar's adoption fee is $400

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