Last Updated: September 27, 2020

Date of Arrival: September 12, 2020

Breed: Whippet/Lab X

Age:Approx. 3 yrs

Gender: Female

Weight/Size: 24.25 lbs (11kg)

Adoption status: Available for adoption

What is the best adoptive home for Patti?

Patti is looking for a home where she can get lots of walks, has a very secure fenced yard and dog savy/experienced dog owners. Patti needs a home with no cats and only dogs that are smaller than her.


Pattie is a sweet loving dog. She is not keen on being approached to be handled by strangers to put on her harness etc but once she knows you and trusts you she is much more relaxed.


Patti has a bite history with a child. We are assessing and will be working on conditioning to prepare her to live in a world with children but we will not recommend her to be unsupervised with children who are not dog savy and will recommend only older children, over age 10-12. Patti did meet her foster parents grandson who is 14 and dog savy and she loved him and did very well with him.


Patti was struggling with other dogs (larger than her) in the shelter environment at Winnipeg Animal Services and was not doing well with other dogs. They considered her a risk to bite/harm other dogs.

However, she is in a foster home with three small dogs and is doing very well with smaller dogs. One of the dogs in her foster home has made clear he is the boss and growled at her but she submitted and accepted his role as dog boss.

Patti also had a visit with two dogs who were giving her abit of a challenge and growling and she was non reactive and passed that test with flying colors! Way to go Patti!

House/Pee Pad Trained:

Patti will alert when she needs to go out to do her business. She is fully house trained.


Patti has no difficulty with stairs.

Patti loves going on walks and while she does tug abit on leash, she is learning. She does need an owner who is physically strong enough for walks and can ensure her safety while she is outside of a secure fenced yard setting. Patti absolutely is not suitable to attend an off leash park due to flight risk and discomfort with large dogs. She is learning walking and really enjoys her time exploring!

Apartment/Condo/City Living:

Patti is in a urban home with a secure fenced yard. This is a must as she is a huge flight risk. We will be seeking a home with a securely fenced yard only with a higher fence and where any possible gaps or locks are secured. Patti can jump up and unlatch a gate! She is a smartie that is for sure!


As Patti is a flight risk, at this time travel would not be recommended


Patti is spayed, vaccines up to date and she is a clinically healthy dog.

She is not keen on being examined at the vet and will need some more positive experiences with her veterinary care team to help her build her trust and confidence and will need a veterinary care team that understands and can work with her on her veterinary anxiety.

Night one - i sure love this cozy bed and the peace, quiet and chance to decompress. I was kinda stressed out before coming here and i am just so happy now to sleep, eat, rest and be loved.


Patti is new to rescue having arrived on September 12, 2020. She was an owner surrender to Winnipeg Animal Services after having been picked up repeatedly running on the city streets.

Patti has a single bite history with her previous owners child. She was not doing well at animal services as the stress of the shelter environment with many larger dogs was not working well for Patti. They indicated concerns regarding flight risk, did not respond well to males, was a risk with dogs and children.

We are honoured WAS reached out to us to see if we could help Patti and our amazing fosters stepped up to help.

Patti's adoption fee is $400.00


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