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Last Updated: May 28, 2023

Date of Arrival: April 17, 2023

Age: Approx. 2 years old

Breed: American Eskimo

Size: 20 lbs

Gender: Female

Adoption Status: We are accepting applications for Pearl, but she will not be available for adoption until approximately early/mid July.

Must Haves: A quiet home, a patient owner, a babysitter

Personality: Pearl is a shy dog. She has been focused on caring for her babies, as she gave birth to a litter of puppies on the day she came into rescue! We believe she will become a sweet, loving, and gentle dog who will be very loyal to her humans, but at this point she is still quite reserved. She enjoys gentle affection and we are looking forward to seeing her blossom.

House training/Pee Pad Training: Pearl is not yet outdoor trained

Walks/leash training: Pearl has not started her walks/leash training

Children: TBD

Dogs, Cats and Other Friends: Pearl came to Cupcakes with two other dogs, Spaghetti and Yeti. She was good with both of them, however we have not seen her interact with any other dogs.

Best Home Environment: Pearl will do best in a home where she can become active, playful and have tons of human attention including both play and snuggle time.

Health: Pearl is in good health but will need to complete vaccinations and spay after the puppies are weaned.

History: Pearl was owner-abandoned. She, Yeti, and Spaghetti were left in a taped up cardboard box on someone's driveway on a rural property. A few days after being dropped off, Pearl gave birth to a litter of puppies (the Gem litter). She will know nothing but love from now on.

Adoption Fee: Pearl's adoption fee is $450.

Please download our application and follow instructions to apply for any of our dogs in care. Please note we do not accept or process any applications until a dog is ready for adoption. Please do not submit applications until such as time as we indicate we are ready to consider applicants.

Due to the high volume of interest in our cupcakes dogs, we regretfully cannot provide personalized responses to applicants at this time. We also are not maintaining any adoptions waitlists. Please visit our FB page where we will update everyone on how our dogs are doing as often as possible. Thank you for your understanding.


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