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Pearls Little Gems: The Puppies

On April 17, 2023, Pearl gave birth to 6 beautiful little puppies. Sadly her only girl, Angelite, passed. The other five, all boys, are thriving and growing and are becoming active little guys!

The boys are:

Alex (Alexandrite)


Howie (Howlite)

Kyan (Kyanite)

Titan (Titanite)


We will begin accepting applications on Monday, May 15 for Pearl and her five babies.

Some things to consider:

Mama Pearl is timid and will need time but she is already sweet and will, like Spaghetti and Yeti, be a very bonded, loving, active, playful, happy dog. She will need patience and a lot of engagement with her humans.

There are five puppies, all males. They are active, chewing, naughty, funny, sweet, loving pups. Raising puppies to be good dogs takes work. It means puppy classes, socialization, and lots of play time. Puppies do not always fit well with senior dogs, as they need very different engagement. Their exercise needs are greater and there is a lot of rough-and-tumble puppy play.

We will be looking for homes where all the American Eskimo dogs have lots of opportunity for play, walks, and active engagement with humans. All will need doggie classes and socialization opportunities.

As the puppies will not be fully immunized at time of adoption, any other dogs in the home must be vaccinated. We will require a reference from your current veterinarian. In addition, they cannot be taken into public until after their vaccinations have been completed.

Adopters must be willing to take puppies for vet updates and neuter surgery at our vet, Central Veterinary Clinic. Vaccines and neuter surgery are covered by the rescue at this clinic.

Pearl and her Gems will be ready for adoption in early July.

Adoption Fee: $500 per puppy


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