Princess Myrtle

Last Updated: October 27, 2020

Date of Arrival: September 23, 2020

Breed: Boston Terrier

Age: Approx. 5-7 yrs old

Gender: Female

Weight/Size: 30.86 lbs

Adoption status: Adoption in Process

What is the best adoptive home for Myrtle?

We are seeking a home for Myrtle that understands how hearing loss can affect a dog and how to best approach a dog with hearing loss to ensure she is not frightened by being caught unawares. Beyond this, a home filled with love, cuddles and lots of fun walks and adventures and cozy beds would suite our Princess Myrtle very well.


Myrtle is a gentle and sweet lady. She does not appreciate alot of commotion or when she is approached unawares as that is very scary for her and she has a history of reacting poorly in these circumstances. Having said this, we have seen her relax with no present poor reactions at all.

Giving her warnings with lights, ensuring she sees you approaching, allowing her time and sniffs and not forcing physical contact will result in lots of cuddles, doggie kisses and loads of love.

Myrtle appears to have recently weaned a litter and she is displaying "mama" characteristics including using stuffies by her belly as if she is nursing them. She is very content in "mama mode" and oh she loves her stuffies toys.

Dogs and Cats: Myrtle is in a home with other small dogs and doing well with other dogs. She has not been exposed to cats. She does bark at the large dogs in a neighbouring yard and it is recommended she not be in a home with dogs larger than her.

Children: We were advised she was not well suited to being with children due to her history of poor reaction when caught unawares. Having said this, her foster home includes a small child who is very gentle, respectful and dog savy and Myrtle has done very well with her however all interaction is supervised. Myrtle has been very gentle accepting little treats her human foster sister shares with her from her high chair. We will be seeking a home, when Myrtle is ready, where all child interactions are supervised and where all children in the home are dog savy and sensitive to Myrtles special needs.

Walks/Leash Training: Myrtle is wary of being handled with leash/harness so at this time but is improving. We believe she will be a wonderful walking companion once she has built her trust in you.

Pee Pad/Outdoor Training: Myrtle has no difficulty with stairs or ambulating. She alerts at the door when she needs to do her business and is fully house trained.

Apartment/condo and city living: Myrtle would do best in a secure fenced yard. She likes to sniff and explore and is fully house trained thus the yard to support this would be ideal.

Travel: Myrtle does well on car rides but we would not recommend her being flown in a cargo hold as it would be both frightening and we are unsure what impact it might have on her ears with pressure changes.

Health: Our pretty princess has started her health assessment. She has some severe ear infections which are being treated after which she will have her spay in early November. She is still lactating and we are exploring this as well. Getting a good look at the extent of dental needs has been something that has not been done as, while she is improving amazingly, Myrtle is wary of the vet so they have not fully explored her mouth. We do anticipate she will have some dental surgery as well when she has her spay.

History: Myrtle was taken in as a stray at Winnipeg Animal Services. After the appropriate time WAS took ownership and transferred ownership and care to our rescue. Myrtle was so scared in the shelter environment and not doing well however having a calm confident and loving home is making all the difference to helping Myrtle relax and start the process of preparing to find her forever home.

When Myrtle is ready for adoption, her adoption fee will be $400.00

To apply to adopt a dog from our rescue, please download the application from the link here on this website ( or you may email us at to have an application emailed to you. Please also visit or our facebook page for more about our organization and the dogs in our care.

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