Last Updated: July 2, 2020

Date of Arrival: February 29, 2020

Breed: Pomeranian X

Age: Born in 2014

Gender: Female

Weight/Size: Approx. 16.5 lbs

Adoption status: Tania is available for adoption! We anticipate she will be ready to move by the end of July for sure.

March 5, 2020 - Tania is settling so well into her new home and new life

What is the best adoptive home for Tania?

- a home where Tania's mobility challenges will be supported and she can be loved and helped to live her life to the fullest


Tania is a sweet loving and gentle soul. She enjoys the company of another dog and loves her human cuddles. She thrives on the gentle loving attention she receives each and every day.

Dogs and Cats: Tania is in a home with other small dogs (including our dog in care, Lili) and doing very well with the other dogs in the home.

Day one - i love ice cream!

Children: Tania is in a home with a toddler who has lived her whole life with dogs. She is a very gentle calm child and is doing well. Tania loves those who are gentle, calm and loving regardless of age.

Pee Pad/Outdoor Training: Tania is doing great at doing her business outdoors even though she has pee pads available indoors. She has to be carried out because she cannot navigate stairs but is loving the outdoors!

Stairs/walks: Tania has some significant issues with her rear legs. We have seen huge improvement in her mobility but her condition will not be fully resolved. She "scuttles about" and enjoys moving about. She is enjoying massages from her foster mom and her foster mom carries her up and down stairs.

I found this thing called a treat jar. I love treats!

Apartment/Condo Living: Tanya has lived all her life confined. Now she loves the feel of grass under her feet and the chance to roam freely in the yard. For this reason we would prefer she find a home with a yard where she can easily go in/out to enjoy this beautiful new life.

City Living: Tanya will do well wherever she is safe and can enjoy the outdoors with peace and tranquility.

Travel: Tania came all the way from Korea on two separate flights as cargo. She did well but given her mobility and leg issues, we would prefer to not see her cramped up for any further air travel.

Health: Tania's transfer to our rescue was significantly delayed due to her health issues including need for immediate heartworm treatment in Korea as she was not medically cleared to travel. She also has some serious leg issues.

Orthopaedic issues include arthritis in various areas of her body but her most signficant challenges are her hind legs where she has deformities related to "stuck" patellas, shortened ligaments and arthritis. After extensive reviews and consultations we have made the decision that the multiple surgeries which may or may not help are too high a risk to proceed and would likely cause Tania significant pain with the outcome having high risk of increased life long pain from what she lives with at this time. She is happy, comfortable with medication and therapy support. Her pain is well managed at this time with minimal intervention.

We have now established a revised plan in consultation with our veterinary professionals that will include ensuring she has a quad cart which will allow improved mobility while not increasing strain on her arthritic shoulders. This will let her go on walks with fellow canine mates and her humans. Any equipment will go with Tania when she is adopted.

Tania's blood work is totally normal! That was a huge first victory after having had severe heartworm disease in S. Korea. She has a heart murmur and there were some concerns. However, despite some damage likely from heartworm, her heart is functioning well with no fluid build up or blood flow concerns.

Tania can rest easy. She is loved and safe.

History: Tania was rescued from a puppy mill/dog meat operation in South Korea by Save Korean Dogs. Save Korean Dogs facilitated and provided the transport for Tania first to Vancouver to a wonderful foster mom, Sandy, there and then on to Winnipeg where he was transferred into the care of our rescue. We are grateful to Save Korean Dogs, Nami and Sharon for their amazing commitment to freeing dogs from the most horrible conditions one could ever imagine (and worse than imagination!), providing medical care for Tania and for sponsoring and getting Tania to us.

We are accepting applications for Tania for adoption however she will not move to a new home until her custom cart is made and working for her.

Tania's adoption fee is $300

To apply to adopt a dog from our rescue, please download the application from the link here on this website (www.cupcakerescue.ca) or you may email us at cupcakespommyrescue@gmail.com to have an application emailed to you. Please also visit www.cupcakesrescue.ca or our facebook page for more about our organization and the dogs in our care.


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