Most recent update: February 1, 2021

Date of Arrival January 24, 2021

Gender: Female

Size: Small

Age: Approx 6-8 yrs old

Breed: Shih Tzu/X

Background: Wanda was a stray dog who was taken to Winnipeg Animal Services. They completed the requirements and no owner could be found/came forward. They transferred Wanda into our care. Additional information will be forthcoming in the next 2 weeks.

Adoption Status: Wanda is not available for adoption and we are not accepting applications or responding to queries at this time. As we have information, we will post it here and on our Facebook page at the same time. Wanda has been groomed and is undergoing full medical and will not be ready to consider a forever home until we have completed her medical and have a good sense of what would be the best home for her. She is doing very well well and loves having a doggie foster brother to snuggle with and lots of love and affection from her humans.

We apologize that we cannot and will not be responding to queries or any applications submitted for Wanda at this time. The response and interest is overwhelming and gratifying but we are a small volunteer team and cannot manage responding to each individual. Please refer to our adoption process for information on how we will proceed when we are ready to accept applications for Wanda.


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