Last Update: April 15, 2020

​Date of Arrival: November 30, 2019

Breed: Shih Tzu X

Age: Approx. 7 yrs old

Gender: Male

Weight/Size: 14-15 lbs

Adoption status: Winston is available for adoption

Winston's Ideal Adoptive Home:

Winston is a wonderful dog who loves his person and cuddles. He needs a home where he can be an only dog or be with a similar size dog of even calm temperament.

Personality: Winston is a loving dog who adores cuddles. His foster mom says he is a total love bug!

Winston has established that he prefers females however this is not always the case. We have decided what Wintson likes is people who do not force interaction or approach him but let him come to them.

Winston does not do well if caught unaware. He will then growl and "air mouth" and has nipped.

He has figured out his human people and he loves people! Winston is becoming more playful and did a play bow which was a pretty exciting first! He is entertaining, funny and a total sock hoarder if given the chance. He has not enjoyed getting ear drops and lets his foster mom know but he has shown while he is displeased he has very good bite control and will not bite.

Winston loves to talk and have a funny growly chat with you. He is not so quiet but is very entertaining.

Winston needs lots of social experiences to build his confidence and trust. He has never had socialization experience and everything is new to him however, give him the time and space and boy is he a sweet loving dog! He just needs a patient loving person to help him learn.

He had his first grooming which was pretty long as his coat was very dirty and full of matting. But he did super well and we are proud of how well he coped!

Winston came to us with active lyme disease. Lyme disease while active can leave a dog fatigued and aching with flu like symptoms. This can lead a dog to be more reactive and growly than normal. We are seeing as the disease is treated and he finds health as well as learning the rules of life in a house, he is slowly settling better.

A Note about Lyme Disease: Lyme is a tic born disease and is treated with a course of powerful antibiotics. After this, blood work may show he has had exposure to the disease but does not have active lyme disease. He will need to take the annual preventative every year during season for the remainder of his life. If there are any affects from lyme it will reflect in joint pain and urinalysis. Both of which are within normal ranges for Winston now that he has completed his treatment. He is not considered contagious nor is there any evidence of long term damage as a result of the infection.

Dogs and Cats: Winston can manage with other dogs and enjoys similar size dogs who are calm and confident. He does not do well with larger dogs or with dogs who will pounce on him.

Children: Winston requires a home with no kids. His foster home has dog savy children who understand and work with techniques such as trading up and deflecting and are able to read his cues. He has done well with them but we feel that is absolutely the exception and should not be the case for Winston's forever home as most kids are not sufficiently dog savy. Winston does not like to share with kids and will not accept forced interaction. Kids visiting his forever home must know to ignore and leave him alone and not be afraid of him either and just leave him alone. When this occurs, he will approach when he is ready and engage beautifully.

Pee Pad/Outdoor Training: Winston has progressed well in his housetraining but when going into new settings a belly band is still a must to prevent indoor messes.

Stairs/walks:Winston can do the three steps to go in/out of the house with no difficulty but he is still pretty scared of full flights of stairs and has not yet learned more than three steps of a full flight (and he learned this with alot of cheese treats to encourage him to be brave). He is ok with a harness but "wanders" on walks. He is just starting the leash training. He does not pull on leash which is very positive.

Home/Condo Living: Winston needs a home with a secure fence where he can explore in safety. His noisey "chatter" makes him unsuitable to a home with shared walls/hallways with other residents.

City Living: Winston is doing well with suburban life but would not be great with high traffic/noise and downtown life.

Travel: Winston does well on car rides.

I am recovering from my surgery.

Health: Winston came to us with multiple issues including having active lyme disease which has been treated. He also has an ear infection and urinary infection which have been treated. He had his neuter surgery December 30th and a second surgery January 24th to remove several teeth and a cyst on his head. Now that he has been groomed wound injuries from his past life are more evident and are healing well now that the wounds have access to air and are clean.

Winston is going for an additional medical visit at the end of May. We have observed he has poor walk tolerance with favouring of his hind legs. He also appears to have significant hearing loss which will be assessed as well.

All other blood work/assessment was clear for Winston which is fantastic! He is up to date on vaccines.

History: Winston is a Manitoba owner/breeder surrender. He did not know life in a family home and interaction with humans in a home setting. Everything is new to him but he sure loves living in a house and his cuddles!

Winston's adoption fee is $100

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