Thank You

As a rescue we are fully supported through our various fundraising activities. It is by the goodness and support of many that these activities help to bring in the funds needed to cover vetting costs and make occasional (2-3 / year) trips to the USA to rescue dogs from large breeding facilities.  

Please know we are ever grateful for all acts of support for our rescue and the dogs that are the center of our rescue.



Thank you to all the parents and community members who assisted this great group of elementary students. A huge thank you to the teachers who volunteer their time to mentor the Kuamini group ♥️ ♥️

central pet.PNG

Central Vet and Rayne Pet Food

We are so blessed to work with the amazing team at Central Vet. They work tirelessly to find the best solutions for our furbabies. Toby is a perfect example of how they did everything in their power to save his leg and he is doing great. 

Another incredible example is, the team at Central spoke with Rayne, a canadian pet food company, on our behalf and they generously donated 40 cases of food for our furbabies. We can not express our gratitude enough for this wonderful donation.

Masterworks Dance Studio 

Thank you Masterworks Dance Studio for choosing us as one of the recipients of your 25 acts of kindness. Our dogs received a lot of love Saturday morning. Together we raised $186.

masterworks dance studio.PNG