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Forever Fosters

Sometimes we find we have dogs in care that cannot be adopted. The trauma they have experienced has had such negative impact that they cannot cope with having to move from foster care to a forever home. The health conditions they have are so serious that they require ongoing expensive care with a prognosis that is not positive. We have found that with the ongoing love and care of wonderful fosters, these dogs are surviving much longer than their prognosis suggested and they are enjoying a great life after years of suffering. Their care is often costly and your support continues to provide these dogs with lives that are filled with love, comfort and without suffering.   

Because of their health conditions and/or emotional trauma, these dogs will not attend adoption events. 


Emily (Forever Foster Dec 4, 2016)

Sometimes dogs come into care and we try really hard to find them the perfect home. But we see that the dog has been so hurt, physically and/or emotionally, by the lives they had prior to coming into our care, a forever adopted home just doesn't seem to be possible. We know there are lots of good people out there, but not all are able to take on a dog that may never be that perfect, loving, gregarious dog.

Miss Emily is one such little lady. She quivers with fear and is easily afraid. Loud noises, a “Shh” done with too firm a voice, a hand reaching out to her can cause her to shake with fear and, at times, get physically ill and vomit. Physically, she is in great health. But her spirit was broken in her pre-Cupcake days.

Healing has been happening in tiny steps and each little positive moment is a gift. We are so thankful for the life Emily has with an amazing foster mom. They have helped Emily not be terrified of absolutely everything. There are still days and moments when all she can do is cower and quiver – even though she knows her foster mom loves her with all her heart.


We know Emily loves her foster mom and relies on her totally. So the decision was made to remove Emily from the list of dogs available for adoption. Cupcakes has committed to caring for Emily through her forever foster, who is committed to loving Emily forever.

While this means a long term emotional commitment, it is also a financial commitment to care for all the costs for Emily for the rest of her life. However, we feel it is the right thing to do. She will not need to endure the adoption events and Meet and Greets that caused her such tremendous stress. She can live her life, loving her Fluff and her mom. She can watch the world go by, without any stress. We hope you will join us in thanking her forever foster mom, and continue to support us as we assume this long term emotional and financial commitment to Emily.

June 15, 2018 update, written by her forever foster mom:

"Sweet little Emily has had a lot of hurdles to get to the place she is now. At first I had to feed her on her bed (her safe place) and gradually moved her dish closer to the kitchen, which took months. There always has to be a pee pad that she can stand on as this too seems to be a safe place for her as well. If there is no pee pad in the kitchen she will turn around and run away. She now comes running into the kitchen when I tell her that her food is ready and always sits on her pee pad. While she is eating I have to ignore her. If I come anywhere near her, she will run back to her bed. She still has issues going through doors. At the beginning I would have to pick her up and bring her to the door, now if I stand far enough away from it, but still where she can see me she will charge through the door. Coming back in, she will never come to the door unless I call her and let her see where I am. Again, still leery of the doorway, she charges through it and past me. If I bend over to try and touch her she turns around and runs back out. Outside in the yard she will run away from me or cowers when I come near her. But as soon as I pick her up, she is ok. Another positive thing is that she has stopped shaking when I hold her. Bedtime has gone from me picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom to me calling her and she walks to the bedroom, where I pick her up. At one time she slept closest to the end of the bed and now she sleeps closer to me. I have tried to introduce toys to her but she is very afraid of them. Since Fluff has been gone (Fluff was also a forever foster with Cupcakes who passed away January 2018) I have seen a change in her, but because my friend drops her dog Vana off every day she has gotten better and even barks when she sees her. Emily sometimes meets Vana halfway when she comes through the door. She still has no idea what playing with other dogs is; when Emily starts to run, Vana will playfully chase her, but Emily just drops and cowers until Vana walks away. When company comes over, she will always come over to me to pick her up. Emily has come a long way and has learned to trust me. I have become one of her safe places when I hold her. The words that make her ears stand straight up are 'Food,' 'Treat,' and 'Fluff'."


We are very thankful that Emily has wonderful sponsors who cover all her food and treats each month and visit her regularly. They have been an incredible blessing and have been delightfully spoiling sweet Emily.  They also have a timid senior dog and two have become friends.


Dusty (Forever Foster Aug 13, 2022)

Our sweet little puppy Dusty is in a tough spot.


He has a severe heart abnormality with an atrial-septal defect (a hole in his heart). We do not know how long he will comfortably be with with us before he crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

We are monitoring him closely and providing him with the best care and showering him with loads of love and attention.

Our vet has strongly recommended he not be adopted out as his life span is very limited and his care needs are daily.


His amazing foster will be providing him with care for as long as he can be kept comfortable and happy.


We have made the decision to move Dusty from "adoptable" to a forever foster. He will remain with us and we will give him all the love and care needed and more besides!


Dusty, you are loved to infinity and beyond, and you will live every single day without any doubt to the dept of our love for you.

Gandalf (Forever Foster Nov 13, 2022)

Gandalf and Sam came into rescue on May 3, 2022. Gandalf is a German Shepherd and Sam is a Dachshund; but they are brothers, a bonded pair for life.

But life is not always easy or fair. Our big guy Gandalf has been dealt many blows in terms of his health with lots of tummy issues and skin issues in particular. This is part of the aging issues that seem to be all too common for older German Shepherd dogs. He is quite a costly guy and we have had no interest in having someone adopt these boys with Gandalf being at the vet every couple of weeks. It is very daunting. We know his time is likely short. 

Gandalf and Sam have the most amazing foster family who love them completely and understand that the trauma of separation for these two is just too much to entertain. We all agree that we cannot separate Gandalf and Sam. But we also know that our gentle giant Gandalf is just a “hard to adopt dog” when his health is declining.

Cupcakes Rescue, together with the foster family, have made a decision that we all love! Sam has been adopted by the foster family.  That is a huge win for Sam as he loves his human brother and sister, the walks, the play time, and the love. Gandalf will also stay with the foster family, as a forever foster. Cupcakes Rescue will continue to provide for Gandalf's medical and care needs for the rest of his life, however long that might be. 

Gandalf and Sam will stay together, with the same wonderful family who welcomed them into their home in May, 2022. And when the time comes for Gandalf to become a guardian angel, Sam will have his people to love him, carry him through the loss, and keep playing chase the ball with him. 


This is the best thing that could have happened for Gandalf and Sam. Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue is so honoured to have Gandalf as a Forever Foster. 

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