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UPDATE:  November 14, 2020 Adoption Procedures During Pandemic/Code Red Status


1. Home visits/Meet and Greets will occur but will require all parties to wear masks and maintain social distance and OUTDOORS ONLY.  This is only where all parties agree.

3. Video tours of your home and to "meet you" are requested. 

4. Prior to visiting you will be asked to report any out of province travel, illness or potential exposure to COVID 19 in the last month for yourself or any member of your household, if any member of your household or you yourself as well as ay potential symptoms that could be comparable to COVID19, if you or any member of your household has been tested for COVID 19 and the test returned positive or you are awaiting results. 

5. Where we are not comfortable that our dog is a good match for you or the pets in your home and we cannot do more personal visits due to the pandemic, we will opt to not proceed.  Adoption of our dogs into best fit homes is always our first priority and will remain so.  Thus, when in doubt and without the ability to explore further, we will decline the adoption. 

Your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate how to best ensure that we continue to do the best matches in adoptions and ensure the absolute best forever home situations for each dog according to both the needs of the dog and the adopter.  

This word, "adopted" is one of the best words to us.  It is the beginning of a new chapter in the story of the lives of the dogs in our care.  It is the story of someone who has opened their home and their heart to a dog needing a home. Without adoption, this end goal is not possible. 

Please note:  We do our best to outline a dogs needs.  Where we indicate a fenced yard is required, we define this as fully fenced on all sides and secure with no gaps through which a dog might exit the yard without being on leash with their person. 

A Note about Applications from Persons Residing outside of the Capital Region of Winnipeg: 

We appreciate applications that come to us from outside of the capital region of Winnipeg. However we may not be able to facilitate an adoption outside of Winnipeg Capital region.   Our adoption process is a home visit and meet and greet at your home with the dog you wish to adopt.  We are not able to fly or travel extended distances. What distance we can travel outside of Winnipeg depends on our small core of trained volunteers being available to do the travel outside of the city for visits.  While we have no doubt there are many wonderful adopters in our Province and beyond, we are a very small rescue with limited resources and as such we cannot accommodate most distance applications. 


The dogs listed below are our dogs in rescue.  Click on the photo to learn more about about each dog.  Click here to access the adoption form

How to adopt a Cupcake

To apply to adopt a dog complete an application. We have two formats for our adoption applications:  Word and PDF.   Click on your preferred format to download the form, save it to your computer, complete it on your computer and then save it and email it to us at
Please keep an eye out on our current events for adoption fairs and other events where you may have opportunity to meet these wonderful dogs. ​

If you have any questions email us at the above email address, facebook or complete the contact form.


Please note that we are most gratified for the interest in our dogs that comes from both near and far away.  However, we are unable at this time to facilitate out of province adoptions and are restricting adoptions to within approximately 45 minute drive time from the Perimeter to your home outside of Winnipeg.  All distance applications are subject to availability of adoptions team volunteer to complete home visit and meet and greets.  Exceptions are considered on an individual basis. 

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