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Dogs For Adoption


1. An application must be submitted with the specific name of the dog you wish to adopt. 

2. We do not accept "general" applications, asking us to match you to a dog or hold your application until a suitable match can be made.

3. We do not maintain any waitlists for dogs. 

4. When a dog comes into rescue it will be medically assessed as well as assessed for temperament and home needs. It will be given opportunity to decompress and build social skills as needed. There is a minimum hold of two weeks from point of arrival for assessment.  

5. Dogs will not be released for adoption until they meet medical clearance. 

6. We will post when we are seeking applications and do not longer accept applications prior to this.  

7. We will post about the dog on our website and note what their needs are. This takes time and will require updates. We want to ensure we know the dog well and can make a good match for the dog. This also saves you disappointment applying for a dog whose needs you may not be best matched with. 

8. Once we deem a dog ready for adoption we will begin processing applications. First opportunity is given to the foster parent to adopt the dog. However, once other applications are received, the foster will not "jump" to the front of the line. They are given opportunity before we accept applications. Once we open applications, they get the same priority as any other applicant.

9. Applications are considered on first come first served basis until we find a best match for a dog. If there are two equally well suited applicants, then the first to apply is the first to have opportunity to adopt.

10. Our adoption process includes the following steps:

 - Post a dog ready for adoption

 - Accept and review applications as they are received

- Respond to queries as we are able 

- Complete reference checks on potentially suitable applicant(s)  This may include contacting an applicants veterinary professional to verily vetting history.  

- Request an introductory video and home tour to be submitted

-Request video tour of your home and intro to the people in the home

- Conduct an in-person meet and greet with the dog and any other household members (human, canine, feline, etc.) 

- Make an offer to adopt

- Based on agreement of all parties, complete adoption agreement, accept adoption fee and make transfer of the dog to their forever home. Transfer will require in person hand-off of the dog - no shipping. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not ship dogs and adopt only where we can have a personal direct contact between the adopter, the rescue and the dog they wish to adopt.


How to adopt a Cupcake

To apply to adopt a dog, please complete an application. We have two formats for our adoption applications:  Word and PDF.  Click on your preferred format to download the form and save it to your computer. After completing the form, please email it to
Keep an eye out on our current events for adoption fairs and other events where you may have opportunities to meet these wonderful dogs. ​

If you have any questions, email us at the above email address, contact us on Facebook or use the contact form on the website.


Please note that we are extremely grateful for the interest in our dogs that comes from both near and far away. However at this time we are unable to facilitate out-of-province adoptions and are restricting adoptions to within approximately 45 minute drive time from the Perimeter to your home outside of Winnipeg.  All distance applications are subject to availability of adoptions team volunteer to complete home visit and meet and greets.  Exceptions are considered on an individual basis. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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