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Last Updated: October 14, 2023

Date of Arrival: June 24, 2023

Age: 5 years old (Born July 11, 2018)

Breed: Pomeranian/Bichon Frise

Size: Approx. 10 lbs

Gender: Female

Adoption Status: We are accepting applications for Lacy, but she is not yet ready to move to a forever home.

Must Haves: A fully fenced yard, a patient and gentle home, movie nights

Personality: Lacy has quite the little personality! When her foster mom says 'no' to her, she will give the saddest little face and do all she can to be able to do what she wants! Lacy is now allowing herself to be pet and likes to be near her foster family and even lean on them in bed at night! She will need time to relax and trust but she is opening up to her foster family, especially foster dad! We believe that with time and patience, she will be an amazing, sweet, funny, and quite possibly a bit cheeky, little sassy girl!

House training/Pee Pad Training: Lacy is pee pad and outdoor trained.

Walks/leash training: Lacy will not allow contact to put on a harness yet. It is too soon and not safe to start her on walk and harness training.

Children: Lacy may be ok with older kids but will not do well with younger kids or a home with a lot of commotion.

Dogs, Cats and Other Friends: Lacy is doing well with other dogs in the home.

Best Home Environment:

We are getting to know Lacy but these are must haves for her so far:

  1. Non-Negotiable: she must have a very, very secure fenced yard.

  2. She needs people who will truly understand that she will be a lifelong flight risk and will always ensure they are doing everything to keep her safe such as gate security, checking fence for any potential "dig out" spots, even installing double set of gates to go through, never just opening a door to the street that she could bolt through, always ensure well fitting secure harness and leash are all examples of precautionary measures.

  3. A forever person who will take her for obedience training which will be fantastic for building confidence, bonding and building a relationship and establishing those essential recall skills.

  4. A person/people who truly are open to accepting Lacy for where she is at this time and are committed to the lifelong process of building confidence, trust and a loving relationship. Giving up after a week is not an option as Lacy will not progress dramatically in a week or two, or even a month or two. It will be tiny little progressive bits and pieces with some successes, some setbacks. But with patience and gentle encouragement, she will find her comfort, confidence, and trust.

A note about secure fencing: While each dog is different in level of security we require the fence be of a height that a dog could not jump over (some of our dogs can easily scale a 5 foot fence) and that there are no gaps in fencing, gate is secure and the bottom of fencing has no gaps or where a dog could "dig out" from underneath.

A note about flight risk: Flight risks can be caused by many things - fear, lack of "street-wise" skills, or incredible curiosity for the sights, smells, and sounds on the other side of a fence. All of these reasons could lead to a dog looking to break free of a leash or seek out gaps in fencing so they can move beyond a fence.

Health: Lacy is a clinically healthy dog

History: Lacy is an owner/breeder surrender

Adoption Fee: Lacy's adoption fee is $450. This includes her spay surgery, vaccines, full health exam and treatment of priority essential health needs such as deworming, infections etc.

Please download our application and follow instructions to apply for any of our dogs in care. Please note we do not accept or process any applications until a dog is ready for adoption. Please do not submit applications until such as time as we indicate we are ready to consider applicants.

Due to the high volume of interest in our Cupcakes dogs, we regretfully cannot provide personalized responses to applicants at this time. We also are not maintaining any adoptions waitlists. Please visit our FB page where we will update everyone on how our dogs are doing as often as possible. Thank you for your understanding.


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