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Introduction to the Rescue


Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue and Rehabilitation is a foster-based rescue organization located in Winnipeg Manitoba.

We are committed to helping rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need of care.  Dogs come to us through rescue or retirement from dog farming, back yard breeding operations,  owner surrenders, the international dog meat trade industry and other situations where dogs may be at risk. 


Our rescue is founded on some basic principles:  kindness, respect, and non-oppressive practice.  Kindness to all living creatures great and small, respect for one another, those we care for and the world around us and ensuring we take a non-oppressive approach in our care of the dogs we are entrusted with in our rescue.  

We do not have a shelter but support our dogs through a network of foster homes. 

Cupcakes is a not for profit rescue group registered with the Province of Manitoba.   Cupcakes operates solely through volunteers,  financial donations, various fundraising efforts and through the sale of items created through Cupcakes Creations.  

Dog Highlights 

Our tiny man, Chubbs, is a forever foster who has been living well despite a very dire prognosis.  He was placed into our forever foster program due to a large inoperable growth resulting in a pencil thin tracheal opening and a poor prognosis for longevity.  Without our forever fosters we could not give dogs like Chubbs the best health care and the best of lives with a focus on the highest quality of life. 
Sir Liam is a forever foster with our rescue.  When  support rescue you are helping to cover the ongoing medication, food and medical care Liam needs. You can read more about him and our other forever fosters on our the Forever foster page in this site.  


Update on our response to the global pandemic:  September 27, 2020


Well here we are back in code orange with increased restricitons for the next four weeks! 

We have been enjoying some socially distanced visits with you as you pick up your auction items you won or when you pick up creations items purchased.  Seeing you and even your dogs has been wonderful.  

However, we miss real events where we can say hello, hug, cuddle dogs and have fun in person! 

Alas, for the moment that is not to be and we continue to adapt as needed.   We at 

Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue and Rehabilitation remain steadfast in our committment to following all public health requirements in order to support safety and health of our volunteers, adopters and supporters and ultimately our planet. Our rescue is committed to kindness, respect and compassion for all and will ensure our approach to the pandemic is reflective of our core values.  

The two words for our approach these days is "covid cautious" and we will continue to err on the side of caution to ensure we maintain the safety of your, our valued adopters, fosters and supporters of rescue and to ensure the safety of our rescue team of volunteers. 

So, here is where we are at.....  


For Fundraising:  We have cancelled any public events and are limiting our fundraising to no contact online fundraising activities including online auctions and Cupcakes Creations sales. All payments are contactless through e-transfer at this time. 

Yes! We are continuing to make basic awesome cotton face masks with all proceeds going to rescue.  In fact, we will have a sale and halloween masks starting September 28, 2020!!

Visit our Facebook page, Cupcakes Creations where there are two photo albums: one for our creations items for sale and one just for face masks!   Here is the link for the facemask album:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/Cupcakespommyandfriendsrescue/photos/?tab=album&album_id=584473832229800


For adoptions:  We continue to use a variety of options which may include outdoor backyard visits, maintaining social distancing, utilizing personal protective items and video home visits and interviews with prospective adopters.  We will not proceed with an adoption where we are not fully confident we can make a well informed decision using these methods.  It is a more complex approach than the traditional home visits and meet and greets however we are confident that our adopters who are a good match for our dogs will share our commitment to ensuring the dog is a good match for them and they for the dog.   We have several priorities: 1. Making sure our dogs are safe and loved and have great homes  2. Keeping our foster parents/volunteers and our supporters as safe as we can from potential viral infection. 

For Veterinary Care:  

We support our Veterinary care services at Central Veterinary Services who are not having humans come into the office unless it is most critical such as when it is time for last snuggles before a beloved pet passes on.   Our Cupcakes continue to receive amazing care in-person, through email and video consultation. Our payments for expenses incurred are all being made through e-transfer at this time. 

We miss the many wonderful in person opportunities we have had with you in the last 4 years and we consider you our rescue family.  It is hard to be apart.  But we are confident that we will again be able to meet and have lots of time for our dogs to play with one another again soon.  

Please take care & be safe.  Until we meet again, 

Shan, Darlene, Suzanne & Phyl 

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