Welcome to

Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue

Welcome to Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue

Introduction to the Rescue


Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue and Rehabilitation is a foster-based rescue organization located in Winnipeg Manitoba.

We are committed to helping rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need of care.  Dogs come to us through rescue or retirement from dog farming, back yard breeding operations,  owner surrenders, the international dog meat trade industry and other situations where dogs may be at risk. 


Our rescue is founded on some basic principles:  kindness, respect, and non-oppressive practice.  Kindness to all living creatures great and small, respect for one another, those we care for and the world around us and ensuring we take a non-oppressive approach in our care of the dogs we are entrusted with in our rescue.  

We do not have a shelter but support our dogs through a network of foster homes. 

Cupcakes is a not for profit rescue group registered with the Province of Manitoba.   Cupcakes operates solely through volunteers,  financial donations, various fundraising efforts and through the sale of items created through Cupcakes Creations.  

Dog Highlights 

Chubbs is one of our special little forever foster dogs.  He will remain in our care for the rest of his life.  He lives in a loving forever foster home and is receiving the best of medical care and is completely wrapped up in love each day!  
Welcome Lottie to Cupcakes Rescue.  Learn more about her in our Adopt section.  We will post when we are ready to begin accepting applications including date to apply.   Thank you for your interest in Lottie. 

Bindi Cupcake - Heaven's Angel 

February 14. 2021

From Suzanne, council member and forever foster and mom to Bindi:

Today I had to say goodbye to this beautiful angel . Almost 5 years ago I got entrusted to foster Bindi. She had an extremely rough start and was so sick, I slept on the living room floor with her for her first month. We slowly started getting her somewhat stable and she had a couple of years where she did really well. In July she started to decline . Her vet worked tirelessly with me , checking in and taking questions on her days off just so we could give Bindi as many good days as we could . We were so happy we could have one more Christmas with her and I hoped she might make it to spring but unfortunately mid morning today she took a turn for the worst and we made the difficult decision to let her go. Rest easy my beautiful girl

Thank you Suzanne for the love you showered Bindi with from day one and for every single breath. She knew she was loved and oh how happy she was with you!

Our heart goes out to Suzanne and her family who gave Bindi her joy. We also are so grateful to Dr Samyra Stuart-Altman who was tireless in her efforts and the miracles she gave Bindi. Her passion and compassion was limitless and we are so thankful she was there today to help Bindi.

Thank you to all of you who have followed Bindi’s journey and have supported us in helping Bindi always have the best care.

Until we see you again in heaven.... love you always Bindi the prettiest sweetest angel.

Love you forever and always....


Cupcakes Rescue Response to the Global Pandemic

Update May 3,2021

Cupcakes Pommy & Friends Rescue remains steadfast in our commitment to complying with all Provincial Health Regulations.  It is our intent to ensure we do all we can to prevent disease transmission and keep our team of volunteers and our wonderful rescue supporters safe from the virus that has caused this global pandemic.  We understand there are requirements however we are wanting to step up as much as we can to comply with not only the letter of the law but the spirit of the law as well.


For adoptions: 

We are proceeding with adoptions however there are no in person home visits.  Potential adopters will be asked to submit photos of their interior and exterior of their home as well as a video tour and introduction to family members.  If the applicant has any dogs, an outdoor distanced visit in a public space will occur to see how the dogs relate and if it might be a good match.  Where there is any doubt, we will not proceed with the adoption.  We know it is more difficult to do these visits from a social distance with masks but this is the only way we can and will proceed. 


For our fundraising: 

We have moved to online fundraising activities.  Where there are pick ups, we will do all pick ups by no contact only (we will happily wave at you through the window and love seeing you!).  At this time we cannot visit with you on private property.  We will space pick ups to ensure sanitization can occur.  We will do our best to group and limit deliveries and pick ups to support encouraging staying at home as much as is possible. 

All payments for items purchased will be through e-transfer.  There will be no cash transactions. 

 The two words for our approach these days is "covid cautious" and we will continue to err on the side of caution and be vigilant in our approach.  We want to do all we can to help maintain the wellness of all of you, our valued adopters, supporters and rescue volunteers.

We miss the many wonderful in person opportunities we have had with you in the last 4 years and we consider you our rescue family.  It is hard to be apart.  But we want you and our team too to be healthy so, when we can, we will all be there to see one another again!  

Please take care & be safe.  Until we meet again, 

Shan, Darlene, Suzanne & Phyl